• Why Do I Have Morning Breath?

    Why Do I Have Morning Breath?

    In honor of National Fresh Breath Day tomorrow, we thought we would tackle the question: Why do I have morning breath? Morning breath, or halitosis, is experienced by everyone to some degree.  You’re not alone! While you’re sleeping, your normal flow of saliva slows significantly, and the microorganisms (bacteria included) in your mouth get crazy

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  • Mouth Healthy

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  • How A Tick Bite Can Harm Your Smile

    How A Tick Bite Can Harm Your Smile

    Lyme disease can cause serious problems for both your oral health and overall health.  It’s contracted from bacteria passed on through a bite from a blacklegged tick (also known as a deer tick) that was infected after feeding on an infected deer, bird or mouse.  Some ticks are so tiny – about the size of

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  • Rethink Your Drink

    Rethink Your Drink

    If you are looking to eliminate some of the sugary drinks from your diet, here are some tricks to help you rethink your drink. Choose Water (tap or unsweetened, bottled or sparkling) over sugary drinks. Need more flavor? Add berries or a slice of lime, lemon or cumber to your water. Missing fizzy drinks? Add a splash

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    We’ve been dentists in Sacramento since 1961, offering complete dental care. We take care of your entire oral health. No expensive specialists to deal with. We aim to be the only dentist you’ll need.

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    Did you know we do braces too? Read more to find out how we can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted.

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    We are three generations of dentists. We want to provide the best dental care. Let our family take care of your family.

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    Get your children started on improving their oral hygiene. We’ll give you some tips to make it easier. Also, starting at age two, kids should begin their regular checkups with the dentist as well.