• Happy Sugar Cookie Day

    Happy Sugar Cookie Day

    If you love sugary treats, you have probably referred to yourself as having a “Sweet Tooth”.  During the summer kids and adults alike tend to reach for the sweets a little more frequently.  Whether it is an ice cream cone on the beach, caramel popcorn at the fair or a plate of cookies during a picnic lunch, sweets become a part of our daily lives.

    In honor of National Sugar Cookie Day, we would like to share a few tips that can help you maintain a healthy smile and still allow you to indulge on summertime treats in a responsible way.

    The first thing to understand is that bacteria in your mouth love sugar.  Once sugar is consumed by the bacteria, it produces an acid which can cause your teeth to become more susceptible to decay.  It makes sense that the more sugar consumed, the greater the chance of developing cavities.

    So if you are like us and love a sweet treat, follow these simple precautions to help protect your teeth.

    Brush Your Teeth.  If you can, brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating sweets to help keep your mouth clean and your teeth healthy.  If brushing isn’t possible, swish with water instead, but make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and right before bed.

    Drink Water. Staying hydrated will not only help keep sweet cravings at bay, but it will also help wash away sugar from your teeth and increase your saliva production which helps keep sugar from sticking to your teeth.

    Space Out the Sweets. Indulge with meals instead of snacking throughout the day, especially before bed.

    Chew Gum. Chew a sugar-free gum after eating sweets to help clean your teeth until you can brush them.  The gum will increase the production of saliva which helps to remove sugar from your teeth.

    Sweet Tooth

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