• Johnny Appleseed Day

    Johnny Appleseed Day

    On National Johnny Appleseed Day, we honor the man who made apple (and pear) trees grow heavy with the bounty of their fruit across most of this country.

    Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman on September 26, 1774.  Little is known about his childhood other than his mother died when he was two and his father served as a Minuteman and fought on Bunker Hill.

    Across the Midwest, landmarks pepper the countryside honoring the man that brought fruit to the frontier.  There are many stories told of how he would travel many miles to nurse an ailing orchard back to health all the while dispersing wisdom, care and kindness as he went.

    Often shoeless, he traveled mostly by foot and sometimes by horseback or canoe, but always found a place at any table waiting for him when he came to visit.

    To this day, you can still visit the last known apple tree to be planted by Johnny Appleseed himself.  It grows tart green apples on a small farm in Ohio.  For years, the family used chains and props to hold the trunk of the old tree together, but several years ago a mighty wind proved more than it could handle.  The central trunk of the tree split and fell to the earth.  A fragile piece of the trunk remains and two new branches have sprouted from its base reaching 20 feet high and producing apples.*

    On this day, as we celebrate the man and the apple, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    The long and the short of it is that apples are exceptional foods for your teeth and gums and for your overall health, packed with nutrients, vitamins, and fiber to give you energy.  But they do contain sugar and acid, which can be harmful to your teeth.  Be sure to follow these simple steps when you indulge in apples this season:

    1. Eat your apple in one sitting.  Grazing leaves more acid and sugar on the teeth for a longer time.

    2. Eat apples with other foods.  A slice of cheese or bread will neutralize the acids.

    3. Rinse with water. Rinsing with water after eating an apple will help wash away acid and sugar.

    4. Wait 30 minutes to brush teeth.  Since apples do have acid, brushing immediately after eating an apple, may risk damage to the enamel of your teeth.


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