• Naughty or Nice

    Naughty or Nice

    He’s making a list and checking it twice, going to find out who’s naughty and nice!

    In this case, “naughty” and “nice refers to your oral health habits.  Let’s take a closer look to see which list you would be on.

    The Naughty List – Dental Habits to Avoid

    • Tobacco use.  From smokeless tobacco to cigarettes, tobacco use is responsible for yellowed teeth, bad breath and a variety of health-related issues.


    • Using the wrong toothbrush.  Avoid hard bristle brushes that could damage your gums and cause bleeding while brushing.


    • Chewing ice.  While it may seem like a harmless habit, chewing ice can wear away tooth enamel and cause cracks or chips to your teeth.


    • Thumb sucking.  From misaligned teeth to problems with the hard palate (roof of your mouth), thumb sucking is one of the worst dental practices for children.


    • Using your teeth as tools.  Teeth are for chewing.  Using your teeth for non-chewing activities such as opening soda bottles or ripping open packages, could lead to minor and major injuries.


    The Nice List – The Gifts that Keep on Giving

    • Brush your teeth.  You should brush your teeth at least twice a day – once when you wake in the morning and once before bed.


    • Don’t forget to floss.  Flossing takes very little time but offers a lifelong reward.


    • Rinse Regularly.  An antiseptic mouthwash helps limit plaque buildup.  Rinsing isn’t a substitute for brushing, but a tool to help you obtain good oral health throughout the year.


    • Visit your dentist.  It’s good to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a routine cleaning and exam.  Be sure to share any changes to your oral and physical health.


    • Watch your diet.  Give your mouth a healthy boost by limiting sugary snacks and drinks, keep between-meal eating to a minimum and drink lots of water.
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