• Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing

    Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing

    Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a general term for breathing difficulties occurring during sleep. SDB can range from frequent loud snoring to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) a condition involving repeated episodes of partial or complete blockage of the airway during sleep. Approximately 10 percent of children snore regularly and about 2-4% of children has OSA.   Recent

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  • Man’s Best Friend May Play Role in Cleft Palate Research

    Man’s Best Friend May Play Role in Cleft Palate Research

    Cleft palate is one of the most commonly occurring birth defects in children, effecting nearly 1,500 live births in the United States, and yet its cause is not completely understood.   Normally, the tissues that make up the lip and palate fuse together in the second and third months of pregnancy.  However in babies with cleft lip and cleft

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  • Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

    Do You Know What Causes Bad Breath?

    Did you know halitosis is the medical name for bad breath?  If you have a chronic problem with bad breath, it might be time to visit the dentist. Did you know eating more apples and oranges can improve your breath?  Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, which can help keep your mouth moist. 

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  • Shark Teeth

    Shark Teeth

    Children start to lose their baby teeth around the age of 4 or 5.  Typically, the baby teeth fall out and their permanent replacements grow into the vacated spaces.  For most, this is a smooth transition.  However some experience minor problems along the way.  One of the most common is a condition called “shark teeth”. Shark

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